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Haverfordwest: Care company fined for underpaying staff by £55,000

PEMBROKESHIRE CARE LIMITED, based in Haverfordwest, has been named the second worst company in the UK for failing to pay the minimum wage to its staff.

A Government list names more than 350 companies from around the UK who have been fined for not paying the legal rate of pay, and 16 of the businesses are from Wales.

Pembrokeshire Care Limited underpaid 154 members of staff by £55,000.

In response to the list, the company have released a statement, saying: “Pembrokeshire Care Ltd has always made every effort to look after our staff in a difficult economic climate.

“We pay all of our staff, including under-25s, the higher rate of living wage. In the 10 years we have owned the company we have passed on every increase from the local council to our staff in its entirety. We also pay enhanced rates for bank holidays although we are not legally obliged to do so.

“We were reviewed by HMRC and, as with the majority of other care providers who were reviewed, they found some issues in relation to the payment of travel time and shadow shifts.

“We were unaware that our payment in this regard did not meet regulations at that time. As soon as we were made aware that there was an issue we worked closely with HMRC to rectify matters and systems have been updated to ensure that there will be no future issues.”

The worst offender  on the list was Debenhams, which failed to pay nearly 12,000 employees £134,900.

The Herald has been asked to point out that Pembrokeshire Care Limited is not affiliated in any way with Pembrokeshire Care Society (PCS/PATH).