VC Gallery study Van Gogh’s ‘pivotal’ work

Cross-generational learning: Looking at Van Gogh’s ‘pivotal’ Starry Night

THE VC GALLERY at High Street, Haverfordwest, held a Van Gogh workshop yesterday (Mar 15), in order to study his work and incorporate it into their own art.

Starry Night was projected for everyone to take inspiration from, and a vase full of beautiful sunflowers from Tussie Mussie Flowers was available for people who wanted to draw still life.

The Herald spoke to Pete Jones, who led the session. He said: “Van Gogh suffered with mental health and depression, and used his art to self medicate to some extent.

“It’s quite a strong aesthetic as well. He always used a good pallete of bright colours through most of his work. We’ve not got the opportunity to use his technique and the materials he used.”

Speaking of the Sunflower Series, Mr Jones said: “The sunflowers are pretty much Van Gogh’s most famous image. Today’s workshop is a great opportunity to have a go at still life and drawing floral forms.”

Sunflowers: Studying Van Gogh’s famous work with help from Tussie Mussie Flowers

For those who decided to take inspiration from Starry Night, they began by painting their canvases sky blue, and painted their own interpretation of the night sky, with it’s deep blue and gold colours. Those who wanted to draw still life, started off drawing in pencil onto card, and later added charcoal.

Speaking to The Herald, Barry John MBE said: “What we want to achieve is the diversity of his art at this workshop within the Gallery, to give people access to lots of different materials, and ways of painting and seeing how art is produced.

“Van Gogh’s Starry Night is a pivotal piece of art, and it’s really refreshing to see cross-generational participation.”

He continued: “Besides Starry Night, Van Gogh was very productive during his short career. One of his famous paintings was the Sunflower series, and today’s workshop, alongside our sponsor PLANED is Tussie Mussie Flowers, who have provided us with their vibrant sunflowers for this workshop.”

Speaking about Tussie Mussie Flowers, he said: “They are a very cool and supportive member of the community, and for us to have the sunflowers for this workshop is fantastic.”

The Herald also spoke to Charlee from Tussie Mussie Flowers, who said: “We’ve happy to let The VC Gallery borrow our flowers. The VC Gallery is wonderful, and we’re thrilled to have helped.”