Brave 10-year-old receives award weeks before spinal surgery

Left to right: Laura Sadler, Megan Sadler and Kevin Hire.

A 10-YEAR-OLD girl has received a special award just weeks before she is scheduled to have surgery for a serious spinal condition.

Megan Sadler has scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine, and requires special spinal surgery in Philadelphia, USA.

She has been the focus of a GoFundMe campaign which has raised nearly £10,000 towards the cause.

Today (Mar 30) Megan was presented with the Radio Pembrokeshire Child Of Courage award at her school, Prendergast CP.

Megan missed out on collecting the award at The Local Hero Award ceremony on February 24 as she was in Philadelphia being assessed for Spinal VBT surgery, which is going to be carried out on May 22.

The award had been kept secret from Megan and was a total shock to her.Headteacher, Debbie Davies, and Megan’s teacher, Miss Williams, gave a glowing report about Megan before the presentation. Kevin Hire from Radio Pembrokeshire had the honour of presenting Megan with the award.

Hearing the reports and seeing the award presentation brought her mother, Laura, to tears. Laura was attending the presentation with her husband. Philip, and Megan’s grandparents, Julie and Mike Hillen.