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Damage to lion enclosure is ‘shameful’

Hugo with his pride at Folly Farm: Has to live with boarded window

STAFF at Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo say they are ‘saddened’ after a window at the lion enclosure, Pride of Pembrokeshire, is thought to have been deliberately damaged last Thursday (Apr 13).

The popular Pembrokeshire attraction, located in Kilgetty, took to Facebook on the day of the incident to tell the public that a stone was used to damage the window, however due to it being triple safety glass, there was nothing to fear.

They said: “Unfortunately there has been an incident today (Thursday, April 13) at our Pride of Pembrokeshire enclosure where one of the viewing windows has been damaged. Having reviewed CCTV we can see that a stone was used.

“We’d like to reassure our guests that this is triple safety glass so whilst the outer layer has shattered the window is still intact and our zoo team have been able to lock our lions into the smaller part of their enclosure.

“We will be making a temporary repair to the window whilst we order a replacement. The windows are high grade specialist safety glass and we cannot say how long this will take.

“Obviously we’re deeply saddened by this incident but would like to reassure our visitors that their safety and our animal welfare was never at risk.

“We’d like to ask that anyone who witnessed the incident speak to a member of staff before they leave the park.”

The incident had been reported to staff by a visitor. Within the hour, the Park’s maintenance team had boarded up the outside of the window and erected a zoo grade mesh over the inside, in order to give the lions the ‘full use of their enclosure’.

They also said that it would be ‘boarded up for a while’, however the safety of the animals and visitors has not been and will not be compromised.

The Facebook attracted a huge response, with over 200 shares, over 500 reactions and over 150 comments.

One commenter, Francis Richards, said: “I do hope the culprit is caught and prosecuted. It so wrong if they get away with it. Folly Farm work so hard to give the public an amazing day out. It has grown so big over the years. I love the place and I go regularly – keep up the good work Folly Farm.”

Kaylie Davies, who also commented on the post, said it was ‘a disappointing and an utter lack of respect for the Park.’

She said: “You can see the massive amount of money spent here recently, the park is clean, well presented and the buildings and enclosures look amazing. We are here at the park today (Apr 13) and can see the work being put in place after the damage has been caused. I just cannot believe that someone has done this and walked away. Shameful.”