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Haverfordwest: Students inspire VC Gallery workshop

Students give their presentation on sea pollution: Inspiring today’s workshop

THE HERALD attended The VC Gallery at High Street in Haverfordwest today (May 10), to see what exactly the group were getting up to at this week’s workshop.

Pete Jones, who regularly hosts the workshops, told The Herald: “Today (May 10) was intially supposed to be our Bartholomew Roberts workshop, but we’ve had the University of South Wales in today, and a lot of art is to do with plastic in the sea.

“They gave a brief evaluation of their work to our Wednesday group, and that inspired them to look into anti-pollution literature.”

When asked if he thinks people should educate themselves and be more aware of pollution in the sea, he said: “Quite frankly, yes. At the end of the day, 80% of our oxygen comes from the sea – it doesn’t come from the land. We need to look after our seas. They’re just been a dumping ground.”

The Herald asked Mr Jones what will be next for The Gallery. He said: “We’re going to have a look at the work we’ve done at the end of the workshop, and see about approaching the national parks with a leaflet, and see if they’d consider producing a leaflet to give out to people on the beaches.

“Next week’s workshop will be this week’s planned Bartholomew Roberts workshop. It will start off with a presentation that goes into the Golden Age of piracy between 1680 and 1730.

“There were quite a few pirates were from Pembrokeshire: Hywel Davies and Bartholomew Roberts were two of the most successful pirates of the Golden Age. One was from Little Newcaslte and the other from Milford Haven.”

If you would like to attend the workshops at The VC Gallery, you can turn up just before 12.30pm, have a cup of tea and a chat before taking part in one of their wonderful workshops.