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Adams withdraws from Council leadership contest

Jamie Adams: Withdrawing from leadership contest

IN AN email sent to all councillors, IPPG leader Jamie Adams has withdrawn from the contest to be next leader of the County Council.

The email, sent today (May 18), said: “I wish to inform you of my decision to withdraw from the process of election for the Council Leadership.

“I recognise that I have insufficient support to gain the position, however I am humbled by those of you who indicated your preference for my continued tenancy in the role.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my term as Leader, embracing the many challenges and I remain proud of the achievements we have gained in improving and evolving services to this great County.

“I assure you that I will continue my role with diligence until the AGM next week.”

Cllr Adams’ withdrawal means that David Simpson will be the next leader of Pembrokeshire County Council.

More in The Herald tomorrow (May 19).

Speaking first to the Pembrokeshire Herald after hearing of Jamie Adams’ withdrawal, Cllr David Simpson said: “I am looking forward to the challenge ahead. There are some long-standing issues which I intend to tackle at the very earliest opportunity.

“I am going to spend the next week or so consulting as widely as I can about the make-up of the future Cabinet.

“Even though Jamie has withdrawn, there is still the formality of an election to complete, and I will be making an announcement after that time on Cabinet portfolios.”

Paying tribute to Cllr Jamie Adams, Cllr David Simpson said: “I genuinely feel that Jamie Adams was doing what he thought was best for Pembrokeshire. However, his administration was mired in controversy, both dealing with problems he inherited and dealing with those of his own making.

“I understand why he has withdrawn at this stage and thank him for doing so to preserve a united council to face the tough challenges ahead.”