Milford Haven: Trafalgar Inn victims of break-in

Trafalgar Inn: Broken into on Monday (May 15)

THIEVES who broke into The Trafalgar Inn in the early hours of Monday morning (May 15) raided the entire premises of money.

What is believed to be between three and five people, managed to peel away the plastic seal on the window, lift out the glass, then jump through the window to gain access.

Landlady, Sally Allen, told The Herald: “We were broken into in the early hours of Monday (May 15) morning between 1.30am and 3.30am, they’ve come in, taken my safe, which was still attached to the floor, and they’ve taken a 6ft plank of wood with it that was attached to the safe.

“It not an easy thing to get out with.”

She continued, saying: “They’ve broken into the bandits and the pool table, and they also stole two charity boxes. they’ve literally left me with a bag of two pence pieces worth 50p.

“They’ve come in through the back and they literally took out the window – the plastic first, then the window, and then hopped in. On the CCTV cameras we’ve seen at least three people, possibly up to five people moving about.”

She said that the people who took the window out left it on a bench next to the window, with the ornament from the inside of the windowsill on top. It was in a good enough condition to be put back in place.

What appeared to be dirty fingerprints were still visible on the wall near the window.


When asked if they caused any damage apart from the removal of the safe, she said: “No, they were really tidy!”

DyfedPowys Police responded immediately and attended at The Trafalgar Inn at around 11.30am on Monday morning (May 15), and are currently investigating the case.