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Horse riders urged to take part in safety awareness campaign

ON SUNDAY (May 21) at 11am, as part of a campaign to make passing horses on roads ‘wide and slow’ in cars law, horse riders can take park in a safety awareness ride in Pembrokeshire.

a petition has now gained over 100,000 signatures and aims to ‘make it a legal requirement to drive past a horse wide and slow and for drivers to have to abide by hand signals asking them to stop and slow down when asked’.

Claire Hopkins, who is organising the event, says: “I am hosting a road safety awareness ride, as part of The Pass Wide and Slow Campaign which the petition is for.

“There are also rides going on all over the country at the same time. If everyone who says they are taking part in ours does so, there will be upwards of twenty horses and riders. We will be taking a route from the Llangwm side of Troopers Inn, across the main road onto Langford Road to Johnston.

“We will be joining the main Milford Road, left as far the roundabout where we again turn left, briefly onto the A477 and then left again into Church Road. From there we will be heading right onto the Old Rosemarket Road, back through Rosemarket to Sardis and onto the main Haverfordwest road back to Troopers Inn.

“We will have Stewards out at different points on the route to make drivers aware that there are horses on the road and the ride will be filmed on my head cam also.  We are hoping to raise some awareness of what we are trying to achieve nationwide and even if this only makes one driver think twice about how they pass horses on the road then it’s a big achievement.

“Sadly we often face abuse from drivers telling us we shouldn’t be on the road and to get a field if you want a horse etc. The fact is, none of us want to ride on the roads, it’s dangerous and scary, but the lack of bridle paths in this area means we have no choice. “