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Pembroke Dock: Heritage Society sees two significant events

TWO significant events took place last week at West Wales Maritime Heritage Society’s Yard in Front Street, Pembroke Dock.

The first was the arrival of the MITEC lugger’s hull, which was built by MITEC students in Milford Haven as part of The Rising Tide training programme.

The boat is a copy of one of the last Tenby Luggers, Sea Spray, which was built in the 1980s for the fishing trade, and later used to take tourists for trips around the bay or to Caldy Island.

It is expected to take 18 months until completion, when she will join the fleet to take school children and other groups for sailing trips and instruction.

The second event was the arrival of Guy Anderson’s Royal Naval Air Service armoured car, which was bought from Ebay.

The car itself was in pieces, so Mr Anderson spent two years finding missing parts and rebuilding it.  However, Mr Andreson was lacking space in order to display the car, so it will therefore now be on display at West Wales Maritime Heritage Society’s workshop.

The car was originally one of around 12, and was built in Birmingham in 1916 on a Model T Ford chassis.

Visitors to the Museum will be able to see the Armoured Car when it reopens on May 24.