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Two men accused of kidnapping and dumping man ‘near naked’

TWO Haverfordwest men kidnapped a former friend in a revenge attack after an allegation of theft, a jury has heard.

Samuel Riley-Poku, aged 39, and 31 year old King Osei-Wusu, both of Peregrine Close, are said to have bundled Daniel Decku into the boot of a car.

Then, said Ian Wright, prosecuting at Swansea Crown Court, they dumped him near naked in the countryside near Narberth.

Riley-Poku and Osei-Wusu deny kidnapping Mr Decku on January 24 and taking him away by force, and assaulting Mr Decku on the same occasion.

Mr Wright said Riley-Poku believed Mr Decku had taken clothes from his flat and telephoned the police to make a complaint of burglary.

But, added Mr Wright, the men then took the law into their own hands.

He said they found Mr Decku in the grounds of Haverfordwest castle, where they assaulted him before shoving him into the boot of a Ford Ka.

Mr Decku was taken into the countryside where he was made to get out of the car and to remove clothing that Riley-Poku believed belonged to him.

That, said Mr Wright, left him standing in boxer shorts and a pair of socks, but he took his chance to run away into bushes by the side of the road.

Mr Becku spent the night in a barn under a horse blanket, but ran away the following morning when the farmer found him and he panicked.

Mr Becku then went to a farm in Llanmill, Narberth, where the farmer gave him some clothing and drove him back to Haverfordwest.

Mr Wright said when police arrested Riley-Poku they found a coat Mr Decku had been wearing on the night of the alleged kidnap, and a pair of jeans in the boot of his Ford Ka.

After their arrests, said Mr Wright, both defendants gave “a pack of lies” and Osei-Wusu gave a false name.

Verdicts are expected later this week.