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Will Jeremy Corbyn visit Preseli Pembrokeshire?

IT was announced today (July 11)  that Jeremy Corbyn will be visiting up to 40 key marginal seats over the next few weeks in a bid to keep Labour on an election footing, including in Wales.

It is not known yet which constituencies he will visit, but given that Preseli Pembrokeshire was one of the closest results between Labour and the Conservatives in the UK, there has been some speculation that he will visit the constituency.

In May’s General Election Labour candidate Philippa Thompson led the party to a vastly improved result, slashing incumbent MP Stephen Crabb’s majority from almost 5,000 to just over 300 and increasing the number of Labour votes from 11,500 in 2015 to almost 18,000.

Shadow cabinet members will also visit seats across the UK in a bid to convince voters that Labour’s has come.

The tour will be accompanied by a series of campaign days and ensuring candidates are in place in crucial constituencies.

The Labour tour kicked off with a rally in the constituency held by Conservative Iain Duncan Smith.

A shadow cabinet member told the national media: “It’s going to be a busy summer. Jeremy is going to around 40 of the 70 target seats, the shadow cabinet is travelling as well, because no-one knows when an election is going to come.

“It’s extraordinary that May has reached out to Labour for ideas. If I was a Tory MP I would be banging on her door saying, why on earth are you speaking to them when you should be listening to us.”