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Monkton protesters meet with Pembrokeshire County Council

Shaking hands: Ian Westley and Charlie Price

PROTESTERS from Monkton joined together in Haverfordwest outside County Hall at 11am today (Jul 14) in hopes of meeting with Pembrokshire County Council.

Upon arrival, they were met by  the Council Leader, Cllr David Simpson, and Chief Executive, Ian Westley, who had a prepared statement.

Mr Westley said: “I wish to stress that we as the Local Authority understand and sympathise with your concerns.

“I am a parent myself and appreciate the fears and frustration which you all feel. We also recognise that this is an issue which is not confined to Pembrokeshire, but has been the focus of a national debate for some years now.

“I need to make it clear that the female with whom your protest is directed was not placed in Monkton by Pembrokeshire County Council or any other organisation, and is not or never has been a council tenant.

“The individual concerned, along with the council tenant, is no longer in the county.

“The tenancy of the council house has been surrendered. We are aware you have prepared a series of questions and are committed to working with you in this regard.

Ian Westley and David Simpson: Reading a prepared statement

Following this statement, several members of the group went inside County Hall and had a meeting where they had a chance to put questions to the council.

Roughly an hour later, the group returned outside and told the crowd that it had been agreed that the council would help them with legal advice and finding a solicitor who could take their cause further – with the intention of getting the law changed for sex offenders to stay on the sex offenders register for life.

Some protesters were unhappy with this outcome, however Ian Westley came out to re-assure the protesters that the council was committed to working with the Monkton community, and stressed that patience and trust was needed.