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Unemployment rate falls to 2% in Pembrokeshire

UNEMPLOYMENT in Pembrokeshire fell to 2% in June – the lowest figure in Pembrokeshire for many years.

Data published this week showed that in June, 1,440 people in Pembrokeshire claimed Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) – 135 fewer than in June last year and 125 fewer than the previous month.

The resultant unemployment rate of 2% is the tenth lowest in Wales and below the Welsh average of 2.1%.

Cllr Paul Miller, Cabinet Member for Economy, Tourism, Leisure and Culture, said: “While the data is clearly positive I’m very aware of the challenges that lie ahead for the UK economy and the cyclical nature of these figures in tourism hotspots like Pembrokeshire.

“Although the performance of the UK and Welsh economies is not something we’re able to influence to any great degree from County Hall, Pembrokeshire’s relative attractiveness as a place to live, work and do business is – and this is something we will be focusing on relentlessly as an administration in the coming years.”