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Milford Haven coastguard set up exclusive zone after ordnance found

MILFORD HAVEN coastguard is co-ordinating a 1,000m exclusive zone in the Bristol Channel after divers found a ‘large piece of ordnance’ near a firing range.

Just after 3.30pm yesterday (Aug 7), the Coastguard received a report from a diving vessel which had found a large piece of ordnance 2.5 nautical miles off Lilstock Range in the Bristol Channel.

UK Coastguard has issued warning broadcasts advising vessel in the area of a 1,000m exclusive zone around the ordnance to ensure they are kept at a safe distance.

Milford Haven Coastguard said: “The Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team have arrived on scene this morning and there are plans in place to detonate the ordnance just after 1pm today (Aug 8). Until that time, we have taken measures to set up an exclusive zone and clear the area of vessels to keep the public safe. Avon and Somerset Police have also been informed of the incident.

“We have no further information at this time but we will hopefully provide an update after the EOD team have assessed the situation and dealt with the ordnance.”